Day 11: Let the Holiday Food Fests Begin!

It’s that time of year…holiday food fests abound.  Today is our work pot luck lunch.  Over 50 people have signed up to bring a sugar laden, non-organic, non-GMO, non-pasturized, full-of-wheat dish and it will all be waiting in the kitchen for anyone who wants to partake.

I will be severely limiting my trips to the kitchen for the rest of the week.  I’m on set-up and clean-up detail, so at least while I’m in there I’ll be busy.  I’ll have lunch today, as I know there is some stuff I can eat, but otherwise I’m bringing my lunch the rest of the week.

I made that sweet potato salad.  I tested it this morning and it’s good!  I was a little afraid last night, smelling the salad and dressing separately, but after chilling overnight and mixing them together…yumo!!  I hope there is some left by the time I get in. If not, I’ll just make more!  I only put about half the dressing on – that was enough.  Otherwise, I think it might be too sweet from the mangos (I used frozen mangos, BTW).

Regarding my tummy issues: I think the coffee does set it off.  POOP!!!  I LOVE that coffee!  I also love my health, so I’m going to have to put my big girl panties on and suck it up a bit.  I need to wallow a bit more, though.  I’m going to try to just cut back a bit first, to see if that helps.

You might have noticed that I haven’t been training much at all.  I’m well aware, as are the red squares on my Training Peaks calendar.  I have some thoughts about this which don’t settle well with my Type-A triathlete self.  I’m really proud of the progress I’m making with food.  These past few days have been really hard, and I’ve come out (so far) with my head held high, living up to all the promises I made when I started this journey.  I’m trying to challenge myself, but not set myself up for failure, which is a very delicate, thin line.

Normally, if my hours were this low, I would be a total grouch, moody, bad sleep, headaches, sinus stuff, can’t focus, etc.  All the hormonal responses to a change in equilibrium.  This time…I feel good!  I feel normal (my mood is a little questionable, but I think that’s more because of the Whole30, and notsomuch the training withdrawal).  I don’t feel too fat (or, fatter than I normally do) and I’m actually somewhat happy with my body comp right now.  This is a new thing for me – I’ve never experienced feeling good about my body while not working out 12-15 hours a week.

My point is that I know my training is low, but I’m in a good, healthy place.  I’m not completely settled with my ‘new self’ yet, so until I am, I’m not going to push so much that everything goes to poop.  I’ll wait until January rolls around to get really serious about training.  My first real race isn’t until June, so there’s time.  By then, I’ll be more used to this ‘new me’ and be better able to handle the stress (physical, mental) that comes with increased hours.

Breakfast: 7:10 am, 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, leftover chicken thighs, 1/2 avocado.  This settled ok, I think my tummy issues might be behind me.  I cut out the veggie from breakfast because I’m already having spinach, so I think I’m ok.

Breakfast 12/17

I had some cut up fruit around 10 and then a Lara bar around 11:30 because I was hungry.  I’m letting myself go with it today because I was so erratic with my eating yesterday.

Lunch: 12:30, potluck.  I had meatballs, slice of ham, a bunch of salads, my sweet potato salad.  I learned afterwards that one of the salads had some canola oil and sugar in it, but it was SO good!  I’ll see how my tummy does with it.  I’m stuffed now.

We had so. much. food. at the FoodFest.  Six tables covered with meatballs, ham, salads, chips, cheese and crackers, and two tables alone devoted to desserts.  People have some serious culinary talent that they unleashed for the enjoyment of all.

Dinner: 6:30 pm, Minestrone soup, tea.  Easy dinner.  It was a long day at work, so I was glad to just have a low-key evening.

My boyfriend came into town this afternoon.  He’s staying until Thursday.  He doesn’t eat Paleo, but he will eat what I cook, and he’s supportive of my habits.  I have a “carry in, carry out” policy at my house.  I don’t buy junk food for him, so he can buy it/bring it in, but he has to bring it home with him.  That works for the most part.  In the past, I’ve ended up stealing some of his junk food, but not this time.  If I stayed strong surrounded by plates and plates of cookies, brownies, cakes and truffles, then I can stay strong in the presence of cheesy poofs and crackers.


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