Day 10: Vindication

OMG, I found this post on the Whole30 website and it saved my life.  I feel legitimized, vindicated.  I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It seems like the things I’m experiencing are completely normal.  Although, I kind of think maybe I had two or three of those phases all wrapped into one over the past few days, but after reading on the forums a bit I learned that’s also normal.  Thank God.

I was really nauseous all day today, not sure why.  I thought at first maybe it was my breakfast (maybe it was time to get rid of the pork), but it continued all day long.  I almost went home from work because I seriously thought I was going to ‘evacuate’ all over my keyboard.  I managed to get down a hard boiled egg and some fruit (pineapple and honeydew) and a few cashews, but that was it.  I had a headache all night before and on my way into work, so I took my tension headache meds when I got in the office.  I think maybe they were a bit too strong because the nausea became really intense after that.  I’ve never had that type of reaction to those before, but I’m guessing maybe it was because my gut lining is different (more sensitive) now, since it’s not coated with lots of crapola?  The nausea finally started to subside around 3, so I had some ginger tea then, which also helped.  I was also in a bad mood all day, hopefully because I felt bad (I don’t think I’m generally that much of a meanie, but I was definitely not happy yesterday).

I’m wondering if I’m getting these headaches and other body aliments because of stress (holiday shopping = poor Jess = stress).  I have never been one of those people who experience ‘body issues’ because of stress – my appetite is always good (of course!), I sleep ok, I don’t get nauseous.  Maybe, in addition to the other host of ‘cleansing’ symptoms I’m experiencing, this is one of them?  Body responses to stress?  I’m writing this post the day after Day 10, and while I still have a slight headache and I can tell my tummy is a bit off, it’s not as bad as it was.

It could also be coffee.  I will die if it’s coffee.  I’ve been drinking Trader Joe’s Winter Blend and absolutely love it.  It’s a bit darker of a roast than I normally drink, and with my increased stomach sensativity…could be it.  (yes, I have my coconut milk in it instead of regular creamer!).  My absolute favorite thing to do is get up early with a cup of coffee and work/browse on the computer.  If Whole30 is taking that away from me…we’re going to have issues.

I successfully made my blondie bars last night and only had one quick taste (to make sure they came out ok!).  SUCCESS!!  I find that brushing my teeth after dinner helps me not crave sweets.  An old diet trick, but it’s working for me now.

Breakfast: 7 am, 3 eggs with ghee and spinach, zucchini, pulled pork and 1/2 avocado.  That was a big breakfast, which is why I thought it might be the cause of my issues.

Breakfast 12/16

I have to eat breakfast at this time, because I leave for work after, but I’ve noticed over the past couple of days that sometimes I’m just not that hungry then.  I still eat (because that’s what I do!), but ideally, I would wait a bit later to do so.  I’ve tried bringing my breakfast to work before and I think it somewhat annoys people because of the smell, but I might try it again.  The trick is getting to eat sometime between the window of ‘I’m not awake enough to eat’ and ‘holy crap I’m going to eat my passenger seat I’m so hungry’.  There is definitely a sweet spot in there, at least for me.

No lunch, because I felt like if I ate it would not be good for my co-workers.  I did have a hard boiled egg and some pineapple and honey dew between 11-1, but that’s it.  I snacked on some cashews later in the day.

Came home and went to work on my sweet potato salad for our office pot luck tomorrow.  I hope it turns out ok.  I probably should have made something I’ve had before, so I don’t embarrass myself, but I think it will be fine.  Tomorrow is our ‘Food Fest’ where everyone brings a dish (my office supplies the staples, like cutlery, meatballs, a ham).  I think there are going to be 50-60 of us eating all this food, all week long.  I actually don’t think the temptation will be all that bad because, again, people are watching me.

The boyfriend comes in tomorrow, too.  We’re going to do our Christmas thing on Wednesday night because we won’t see each other until right before New Year’s :(.

Dinner: 7:30pm, Mustard glazed chicken thighs, broccoli.  I only had a bit because I wasn’t sure what my tummy would do, so it was a small dinner (no pic, sorry!).  It seemed to settle ok, but time will tell.

Better luck tomorrow!


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