Day 5: Hump Day Test

Today is Wednesday.  Wednesday is the day everything I committed to over the weekend generally goes to the toilet.  I go out for lunch (because I’ve ate in all week – I deserve a treat!), I don’t do my workout, I get lazy at home and start to focus on the weekend ahead (when I’ll reinvest myself again).  I am so determined not to let Hump Day break me.  I won’t let it.


Breakfast: 7:10 am, 3 eggs, sausage patty, 1/2 avocado, one zucchini

Breakfast 12/11

Good breakfast.  Boyfriend called during it so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I’d like, but it was nice to talk to the boyfriend as well.  Trade-offs. 🙂

Lunch: 12:15 pm, leftover meatballs and marinara sauce, steamed zucchini.  Snacks of cashews about an hour before that.

Lunch 12/11

So…bad idea to eat a Be Kind bar this afternoon.  I don’t think I had enoug for lunch because I was starving by around 3:30.  I had some carrots and almond butter, but it wasn’t enough.   I went downstairs and got a coffee (that was horrible) and a BeKind bar.  Almost immediately after eating it I got a throbbing headache and my tummy started feeling ‘off’.  I know it was a reaction to whatever was in that bar.  I know it’s probably not completely Whole30 compliant, but I was trying not to read too closely (ignorance is not bliss).  I learned my lesson…never again.

I wanted to get on the bike for an hour or so tonight, and when I got home I felt good so I didn’t eat a hard boiled egg before I got on.  I knew I’d be a little shaky on the bike because it was the third night in a row for it, but about 20′ into it I started to get lightheaded.  I pulled the plug and proceeded to eat two bananas, a Lara Bar and a bunch of raisins.

Next time, need to do better.  Always eat my pre-workout and post-workout meals.  Gotta do it.

Dinner:  7:15 pm, leftover coconut crusted chicken, brussel sprouts and apple mix, 1/2 yam and 1/4 avocado.

Dinner 12/11

Leftover night!!  Love it.  No cooking!  Not that I don’t like cooking, but I enjoy spending time doing things other than cooking sometimes.  Everything was good the second time around.

I survived Hump Day!!!  I didn’t give into any temptation (aside from that stupid BeKind bar), I started my workout even though I didn’t want to and I finished the day off good.   So, SO proud of myself.  Major hurdle overcome.

I love the Sing-off.  Seriously.  It’s such a fun show.  How can you not have fun watching those performances?  High energy, lots of talent.  Love it.


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