Day 3: Time for the Real Test

Back to work today, back to the grind.  I was really, really hoping for a snow day today, but no such luck.  All the other schools are closed, but I will be trudging through the slushy roads like every other worker bee in Newark.  A snow day is the most awesome thing ever – it’s like bonus time.  Anything can happen on a snow day.  The best part is, since it’s a bonus day, you can do whatever you want!  You can get a head start on chores and household stuff, you can sit in your pjs and watch movies all day, you can call friends or family – whatever you want.  I love snow days.

I’m a bit nervous about entering ‘normal’ life with my Whole30 commitment.  It’s one thing to stay committed at home, where I’ve cleaned out my pantry and fridge and have a fairly predictable schedule.  It’s another thing to go into work and be confronted by lunch invites, snackies in the breakroom (or, by my desk), lots of stress inducing conversations, etc.  All these things have the potential to throw me off track.  I hope by acknowledging that I know these things will happen, I’ll be strong enough when they do to resist.  To keep my eye on the prize; my health and my goals are worth more to me than a momentary indulgence in delicious little treats.  Eye on the prize, eye on the prize…

I did not do my swim this morning because I was nervous about the road conditions that early in the morning (I leave for the gym at 5:25 for swims), and because I wasn’t 100% sure the gym would be open.  They posted on Facebook that they’re open regular hours, but too late now.  My plan is to ride the bike when I get home tonight.

Breakfast: 7:10 am, 3 eggs, breakfast sausage, roasted butternut squash

Breakfast 12/9

This was good.  I think I like this breakfast sausage recipe better than any other one I’ve tried.  I didn’t put fennel in it (because I didn’t have any), but it’s still really good.  I think it’s the dusting of cloves that gives it the flavor depth.

I felt a lot more ‘awake’ this morning than I have in the past few weeks.  It might be that I switched my coffee to be mostly caf (I usually do a half caf blend), but I don’t think so because I felt the ‘more awake’ right from the start, before I even had coffee.  Hm, maybe something is starting to work?  It’s probably too soon to tell.

Lunch: 12:45 pm, mixed greens with pulled pork, pomegranate seeds, one egg and 1/2 avocado with lemon juice squeezed over it.  Pineapple and melon for a sweet treat after.

I forgot to take a picture!!!  I’m so disappointed (but not as disappointed as no snow day today).  It was such a pretty plate, and it was really, really good.  I’m sure I’ll have it again sometime this week, so I will remember then.  The guys were having pizza, and normally I would totally have caved and had that too, but I resisted.  As I was sitting there, watching them chow down and me eat my salad, I started thinking about what I feel like when and after I eat the pizza, and what I feel like now.  Absolutely no comparision.  I feel so much better after having my salad.  The pizza might smell and taste delicious, but there is so much regret associated with it.  It makes me feel bad.  My salad was so loaded with awesomeness that I think half the effect was just me feeling so good about myself because I knew I was putting some really great stuff into my belly.

I think I’m still in Whole30 honeymoon phase.

I love this pulled pork recipe.  I’ve made it a couple of times and it always turns out really well.  My boyfriend likes it too, so I can make it while he’s here.  This time I used a bone-in pork butt from Whole Foods (3.5lbs for $19!!!).  It will serve me for about six meal combos, so I guess it’s ok.  It’s so good.

Pre-workout: 5:15 pm hard boiled egg, few cashews

Workout: 5:45 pm, 60′ on the trainer, 10′ Warm-up, 5 x (5′ on, 5′ off)

Dinner: 8pm, Coconut encrusted chicken, brussel sprouts and apples, 1/2 baked yam with ghee


I had a handful of raisins while I was prepping dinner, after my workout.  I’m nervous about tonight.  In the past, I’ve had issues with getting enough calories in post-workout so that I can sleep well at night.  I should be ok tonight, but still.  I want to get a run in tomorrow morning, weather permitting.  I felt really good during my workout, I was able to push some bigger gears and I didn’t feel weak, lethargic or dizzy at all.  I’ve probably used all my glycogen stores today and there won’t be any left for tomorrow!

I have to keep reminding myself – this is a journey of self-discovery.  The point of doing is to learn things about myself and what I need to perform best.  That means => stuff will go wrong that I need to learn from.  I need to be strong enough to extract the learning opportunity from the errors and leave the negative connotation behind.  It’s of no use to me to dwell on the past if I don’t take the learning moment.  Otherwise, I’m just making myself miserable, and I’m better than that.

I’m pooped, and very much hoping for a snow day tomorrow.


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