Day 2: It’s getting cold out there

I woke up at 5 am today.  Yup, 5 am.  On Sunday.  It wasn’t even Doccie whining that got me up, it was my own internal alarm clock (although, he did whine a bit at 5:15.  I think he can sense when my eyes open and starts whining then so I can’t go back to sleep).  I’m sure a nap will be in order later today.

Breakfast: 8:15 am, leftover mustard glazed chicken thighs and mixed roasted veggies, three eggs with spinach.

Breakfast 12/8

This filled me up, almost too much!  Maybe one too many chicken thighs or eggs.  The eggs were much better today, without the salsa.  The chicken thighs were again delicious.  Those are definitely going to be one of my go-to meals.

It is cold outside today!  It says the temp is 30 or so, but it feels so much colder than that.  I think it’s the storm approaching.  Since it’s so nasty out, I’m going to stay in and prep all my stuff for the week, meals, clothes, training plan, etc.  I might even actually read a book.  Very lazy day ahead for me!

Lunch:  2pm, roasted chicken and sweet potato basil soup

Lunch 12/8

I wasn’t too hungry, or just didn’t feel like eating.  I think I had some cranberries and cashews around noontime, so that could be it.  I’m kind of over the chicken, it might be time to chuck the rest of it.  I dipped it into the soup, which improved it.

Dinner: 7:15pm, Meatballs and mariana sauce with steamed zucchini

Dinner 12/8

Dinner was delicious.  I added some oregano and basil to the mariana sauce to make it more Italiany, which helped a lot.  It was smelling to tomatoy before then.  I baked the meatballs and then put them in the sauce to simmer for about 45 minutes.  I’ll probably have some cut up melon and pineapple before bed.

It snowed…and snowed…and snowed today.  I think I got about 10″.  It started around 11.  I took Doccie out around then and there were just a few flakes in the air.  Then, I went to Kohls and it started to blizzard.  I was going 15mph on the way back home.  It kept going until about 3 or so.  I’ve never seen it get so bad so quickly!  Crazy.  I went outside and shoveled the front walk and my driveway, so that was my workout for the day.

Snow on Limestone Road

Normally on a day like this, I would crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy the day watching Christmas movies and eating chocolate good things.  I resisted today.  The temptation was most definitely there, but I held out.  I stayed focused on the BIG GOAL and on staying true to my promise and myself.  I’m so proud of myself!!  I survived the first temptation.

I made a pork butt in the crock-pot today, too.  I’m going to try it both in my soup and in a salad.  I’m not normally a big salad person, but I think this one will be different.  I’m putting the pulled pork and 1/2 an avocado, so hopefully it’ll be filling.


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