Day 1: Let’s try this again

I fell asleep on the couch last night somewhere around 8:30/9, and then work up a little before midnight and made my way upstairs to real bed.  I managed to turn the Christmas lights off the tree tonight, hoping that Doc would sleep in a little bit and not whine at 5 a.m.  Mission accomplished!  Whining started at 5:40.  At this point, beggers can’t be choosey, so I’ll take it.  I don’t mind getting up around the same time every day, as I think it ultimately makes it ‘easier’ to wake up consistently when I want to.  Since this is a weekend day, I’ll probably take a nap sometime this afternoon.

Breakfast:  9:30 am.  3 eggs scrambled with peach salsa and spinach, roasted butternut squash and chicken.  And, some fizzy water with lemon to make me feel fancy 🙂

Breakfast 12/7

This was good, but I think the peach salsa was too sweet to be coupled with the spinach and eggs.  That is probably a fail.  I only roasted the squash for about 20 minutes, so it wasn’t completely done but that’s ok.  I have leftovers, so when I warm that up it’ll finish then.  The chicken is leftovers from a whole chicken I roasted last weekend.

Today is my ‘clean the house and get organized’ day.  I was at my parents Thanksgiving and then didn’t get a whole lot accomplished last weekend, so today I want to clean, do some laundry, grocery shop and meal plan for the next week.  I feel a lot more together (empowered?) when I have all my stuff together and organized.  It’s when I don’t that things tend to go amuck, and I really want to prevent that from happening this go-round with Whole30.

Lunch: 3 pm, notsomuch. Apple and sun butter, lara bar

For some reason, I just wasn’t hungry for lunch.  Breakfast had me filled up, but not in a great way, all afternoon.  I think it was the peach salsa…it just didn’t sit right for some reason.  I went grocery shopping and then came home and took a nap after that, so maybe it was inactivity too?  Who knows.

Dinner: 6:30 pm, Mustard glazed chicken thighs, sweet potato and basil soup, leftover roasted veggies (brussel sprouts, onions and mushrooms)

Dinner 12/7

I finally got hungry around 5:30 so prepped the chicken thighs I defrosted last night.  It’s not normal for me to not be hungry; my stomach was off yesterday, so I think it’s remenants of that.  I was prepping the chicken and started cutting the fat off the thighs (because that’s what I do!) and I stopped myself.  The point of eating real food is to EAT THE FOOD, all of it.  I ate all of this, it was totally yummy.  I didn’t know what to expect from the soup, but it was so good.  Creamy and flavorful.  I always feel so satisified and good after a meal like this.  I know I’ve just filled myself with lots of good nutrition and it’s going to do good things in my body, and to top it off, it tasted great.


I was fairly productive today, I vacuumed and shopped and cleaned the fridge out.  Sometime in the next few days I need to make the list of my three ‘Go-to Quickie Meals’.  I have an idea of what they are, but need to finalize.

My mood today is ok, probably a B-.  I’m still really worried about how I’ll feel when I workout again, but I guess there’s no use stressing about it until I know.  All I can do is prepare, which I have.  (I have tons of sweet potatoes so I can carb up whenever I need to!).

I put my scale (body scale and food scale) in the bathroom closet this afternoon.  It’s gone for the next 30 days, outta sight, outta mind.  I need to do a before picture, as much as it pains me to do it.  I’ll try it tomorrow and post it…I think.  No, I will.  I promised to be honest, so I’ll post it.  Tomorrow.


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